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ClassyFit Home-X Training System


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DSC01280 (2) DSC01278 (2) DSC01263 (2) DSC01262 (2) DSC01250 (2) DSC01248 (2) DSC01246 (2) DSC01236 (2) DSC01234 (2) DSC01232 (2) DSC01229 (2)The ClassyFIt Home-X Training System provides a mobile approach to resisted movement applications for both the upper and lower body.  The door anchor and cam-and-tether system provide safe and effective anchoring options, for use with doors, trees, fences and other solid structures.  The Home-X provides 3 levels of resistance (light, medium, heavy) offering adaptability and progression for all fitness levels.
Included in the package:

  • Cam-and-Tether System/Door Anchor
  • (6) X-Plode Cords
  • Waist Belt for lower body work
  • Hip-X 360 Cuff (ankle strap)
  • (2) Speed-X Handle
  • Custom Classy Fit Carrying Bag
  • Custom Classy Fit Pink, Black and Gray System

All products are made in the United Sates and have a 1 year limited warranty
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