Colton’s Fitness Journey

November 13th I joined the Air Force extremely out of shape and not at a healthy weight. I decided to change my life and began working out to become the best version of myself I could be!

This was and still is the hardest challenge I’ve ever done because NO one can do it for you; you have to want it and do if for yourself! This journey has shown me how strong I am mentally, physically and spiritually. The journey is long, stressful and some days you want to give up; but keep focusing on your goals, surround yourself with a strong support system, and pushing through the hard times makes this journey so rewarding.

My reward moment came when I stepped on stage to compete for the first time! It made all the years of hard work worth it!

Colton prepped for his first Men’s physic show with Team Cor Fit and brought home 4th/1st and 1st place in his first show!